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March 31, 2020


Barbara Seiver

We self-quarantined on Ash Wednesday evening, seeing this coming. Hubby and 16-yr-old Siamese cat both have asthma, and I need to keep them safe. I, too, am grateful for my yarn stash (knitting & crochet) and cross stitch stash. Hubby has his own cross stitch projects, and we are both avid readers, too. Not being interrupted by people and obligations is turning out to be a luxury!


We saw this coming too, I made sure I had plenty of yarn, books and drawing materials although I'm finding it hard to settle down and relax to do anything, four members of my family still have to work and it's verry worrying, I think we won't get back to anything like normal until they find a vaccine and there will be financial repercussions for years to come, more austerity, anyway enough of the doom and gloom I enjoy reading your blog and others like it too, it's the little things like that that cheer me up.

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