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January 30, 2019


Holly McLean

I think your decluttering is lovely. A calm de cluttered space is so soothing. Your space looks pretty and serene and I’m sure feels the same.

Little Quiltsong

It all looks lovely - and now you can breath :)! It is hard to declutter, but now you can enjoy these spacious corners so much more.

Norma H Aguilar

Love the feel of an open space so keep going. It's looking lovely!

mrs robinson

It all looks so lovely and gentle... I, too, need to take action on our house - a combination of living here now for seven years, and going back to work has meant piles are appearing all over!


Your rooms look great; serene and ordered. I know too well, the snails pace of de-cluttering. I've boxes of decades old magazines that I have been trying to get rid of now for a couple of years. The trouble is, as soon as I open a box, I can't help looking through them,and invariably each one becomes a 'keeper'.

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