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September 19, 2018



You will love Tunisian Crochet. We used to call it the afghan stitch. I've been crocheting with this method since I was a kid and I'm old now! Btw, there's a cure for that curl that always happens with the early rows of this kind of crocheting. Just do a search for tunisian crochet curl and there are lots of videos explaining how to avoid it. CrochetKim has a great video called "Tunisian Crochet: Reverse Stitch" on YouTube. I wish I knew about this kind of help when I first started decades ago. Your work is such beautiful inspiration! I hope you enjoy exploring the world of Tunisian crochet.

mrs robinson

A beautiful rug... I love a scrappy make. How lovely to hear that your daughters are settled and enjoying uni - a fun time! Though I am missing Patch - he seems to be at home far less though (he has only added half an hour on to his day at high school!)


So beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your next crafty post.

Norma H Aguilar

It's been one week since we dropped our youngest at college. I understand your blues♥ Take care.


Wow! That is so pretty and so complimentary of all the beautiful projects I have seen on your page!

carol connally

how did you get a hook long enough to do a rug 1 m. by 1.7 meter?

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