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June 25, 2018



Beautiful Beata. I have so much fabric on my shelves and I haven't touched my sewing machine for over... 2 years? 3 years??? For a few months I've been feeling a need to dive in and do something about it, make something... But still I ahven't taken the leap. But although they are so lovely decorating my shelves in neat piles, they really deserve to be exposed in their full beauty. Love your cushions. Gorgeous collection.

mrs robinson

Oh these are treasures of fabric... lovely that they are now liberated into the most dreamy of cushions. Have a happy holiday!


Gorgeous! where can we purchase these?


Oh, I really like every one of these cushions. Good for you for giving yourself permission to cut into these beautiful fabrics.

Angela - Southern USA

All are gorgeous! Corduroy would be a perfect match, good luck with the hunt.

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