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February 05, 2018


Kelly O.

that bed does look cozy! I will be looking for new pillow cases :)

mrs robinson

These are beautiful pillowcases... We also have a faux fur blanket after much persuasion from P, he loves to snuggle under it. It really does look lovely and cosy with your winter pillows. And no washing tips as yet to wash - worried that it will go clumpy. Let me know the results if you are brave!


I like your winter bed very much. I have washed faux fur blankets and find it best to do it on delicate wash and line dry. I think the dryer turns them nappy.

Tina Kercher

Your winter bed looks very cozy indeed! We have a few faux fur blankets at our house and they are our favorites. I have had to wash them and they do lose a bit of . their beauty, but the comfort is still there.


There's so much about this posting that I like. The concrete lamp looks right at home with the soft and cozy bed covering. The book happens to be on my list of must reads and I want to read it in a room that looks as inviting as the one you put together! I love how you surprise us with the choices of colors in your pillows, too. The trim color doesn't look like it's in the pillow print (on my monitor) but it also looks right at home with the colors of the florals. It perks it up with the unexpected. I delight in how you take chances and they all turn out great. Thanks for the inspirations! I enjoy sewing bowl cozies for family and friends. Coordinating the two sides is always fun. I think I'll start mixing things up, too. After all, nature does that all the time and we love it. All the best, Helen

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