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August 18, 2017



I adore your vintage linens, lovely picture of them
Have a great weekend, Manon

Carol D

Your linens are just lovely - and your edgings so perfect!
But I have to tell you - I am absolutely jealous of your home - and the surroundings!

I so wish I had a lovely, sunny nook like that where I could sit and hook - or read.
Such beautiful surroundings...I'll be your garden grows nicely there. Everything is so very green and lush looking.

You are very fortunate...enjoy! and keep up the beautiful work. Thank you for the inspiration. I must do so linen edgings like that. Am thinking about buying a few plain tops for my granddaughter and adding some pretty edgings and possibly some appliques.

Jann Olson

The linens on the clothesline is indeed a gorgeous site! I love your pillow cases and would love to purchase a pair. Do you still sale them?

Sigrid Swinnen

Oh my, those vintage linens are real treasures indeed! What a marvelous picture and a breathtaking view! I love your pillows too!!! Really, I'm almost drewling overhere... :-) Wouldn't dare to cut in them either, however, if you got a great idea... Maybe you can first try it out on an ordinary piece of fabric? Good luck!

mrs robinson

Oh my, the photographs of your beautiful washing line... I have washing line envy. And such a pretty pile of pillows - I spy the same fabric that you used for the one I won, which is much used and admired. Thank you!

Angela-Southern USA

Can't wait to see what you make from the linens!

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