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January 28, 2017



Hi Beata. Your skiing weekend sounds wonderful! I would love to make some of these pretty hearts if you find the time to share your pattern. Your flower squares were one of the first patterns I used when I taught myself to crochet. 💗


So sweet. I'm going to send my daughter over to look at your hearts. She crochets and I find the cute projects for her!

Linda gerig

Yes to pattern

mrs robinson

I think a garland of hearts is just the thing. Birthdays are over for another few months here, so a string of hearts would look most pretty and stop the walls looking so bare. Sounds like a beautiful weekend!


Je suis sûre que cela va vous plaire !

Nathalie la française (Je possède une de vos babouchka et une de vos taie d'oreiller)


SO cute

Angela-Southern USA

A lovely way to fight off the grey days of winter! I can certainly see those hearts all strung up for Valentines, and year round.

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