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September 17, 2016



I love your zinnia patch and your wild rambly flowers too. It would be hard for me to welcome fall with such beautiful flowers as you have now. Let summer have her way as long as possible!


What a riot of colou!! Your choice of plants stunning xx

mrs robinson

Oh so beautiful! Making me smile... I can only imagine how cheery it must be to have that colourful zinnia patch in your very own garden. The rest of your garden is looking so pretty too!


It's so gorgeous! I've always wanted a garden just like that, but don't quite know where to start in sunny, humid, south Florida. Maybe I can work on that when I retire. It's beautiful, and I'm so glad that you shared it!

Angela-Southern USA

I too love the simple hardy flower of the zinnia's. I always have some in my garden. I'm inspired now to do a bigger patch next year thanks to you. We also have deer problems and they do love to munch on most things. Good luck with keeping them out of your veggy garden!


Zinnias are my favorite too! I grew them all the time when we lived in Florida, but have struggled with them here in Georgia. I loved having a vase of flowers in every room.

Your garden is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Amos Goh

I think Zinnias are the most beautiful flowers on the earth. I always want to grow them all the time but have struggled with small garden space. Your garden is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing!

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