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June 20, 2016



I would be more concerned about the heavier weight fabric "pulling" at the seams next to lightweight fabric and causing the coverlet to wear poorly over time. It is a beautiful mic of pattern though.


Thanks Allison! I do think though that given the fact that the patchwork hasn't been quilted to the the other two layers and has only been tied at the joints, there is a lot more "give" and therefore less pull on all the seams than if it had all been quilted tightly together. I also didn't use any real lightweight fabric -- the lightest weight would be equivalent to quilting weight -- and the wool squares were not that tightly woven nor felted like melton wool for example.

Thanks so much for your comment -- it made me realize that I needed to clarify the weight range I used in this patchwork a bit better in my post. I hope it's a bit clearer now...

Beata xo


Beautiful mix of fabrics and lovely photos. I enjoyed reading about the history of some of your stash. Thank you for sharing!

mrs robinson

This is so gorgeous! And what a dreamy selection of barkcloth...

kristin always. You have such a way with color, texture, and prints. :)

How is your hip doing? Mine still comes and goes but is better on my anti-inflammatory diet.

warm wishes to you.


Angela-Southern USA

Just fabulous! I love barkcloth,takes me back to my grandmother's house.


I saw this on pinterest and fell in love with it. What a beautiful quilt.


Absolutely beautiful.
I've just come across your blog by chance. I'm in London. (Son in Canberra)

How do you plan washing this? I adore all the variety, but the wool concerns me........



If it isn't a 'trade secret', would you mind sharing how you have edged this quilt? Is it binded or sewn inside-out & then flipped? Thank you again for a beautiful blog :)


Beautiful and I love each picture of it :-)

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