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April 27, 2016


Little Quiltsong

This sounds like a job well done :)! Loved seeing how it is all coming along. Beautiful place! We too once carved a little piece of paradise out of a past hay field - it gives a lot of satisfaction. Enjoy!

mrs robinson

It all looks so lush and green... and your lilacs! No sign of the lilac at all in our garden yet. Maybe something to do with the snow (!) we have had this week. I love the photograph of your recently dug over veg and berry patch - very satisfying

Angela-Southern USA

It looks great! Very satisfying, thinking of the job done when you are too tired to move after a long days work. Good luck with the deer prevention. We have the same problem and all my fruit trees and bushes have to be protected from them and the bears. Not always a success but we try. I've been moving a lot of rock myself, many such projects on my summer to do list. Next up, laying recycled marble slabs around the fire pit. (I may need help with that one for the slabs are pretty big!) Good luck with the renovations!

Colleen Sharpe

Lilacs are my favourite flower. They don't appear in Nova Scotia until end of May or so, though. I wish they lasted longer than a couple of weeks!!


Your rock walls are so pretty! I think I can smell the lilacs!

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