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February 29, 2016



It is always beautiful, and I would die for the blue and white one...
Well, I love the mix you can make with all the pillows.

Angela-Southern USA

I too think the linen adds something extra in the design. Just LOVE the blue one! Happy (so to be) spring!


I LOVE the linen trim, its organic shape and the fact that it will soften more and more with every wash makes it even more sppealing.

mrs robinson

Hello... I can confirm that the linen works oh so beautifully with these ditsy florals-my gorgeous pillowcase arrived safely in the post. Thank you so. It is pretty, and springlike and just dreamy!


I love your cases! The crocheted edging gives it such a lovely look!


I'm one who doesn't like the look on the linen trim for the pillowcases. The look is too loose & floppy. I know each person has their favorite look

Now, I loooove the pillowcase material.
I did order & rec'd a set of pillowcase several years ago when you used the cotton with linen.

I love the cases and they have held up very well.


So happy you're pleased with the pillowcases you ordered, Sharon!



...and thanks to all of you for all your lovely comments!

Beata xo

Colleen Sharpe

I just LOVE your pillowcases now and previously!

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