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December 23, 2015



I am thinking it is a reindeer with snowflakes around the antlers???????????????

Jessica V

Well -- my first thought was a puppy dog's ear, but the reindeer idea (of the above comment-er) seems more Christmas-y!

Sweet Mary

Well this cushion must be huge! My first thought was puppy ears too but maybe reindeer?? Stumped!


I was thinking puppy ear too. Hx

Anne Marie

I think this is part of a reindeer - he is watching the snow flakes fall for the sky!

Angela-Southern USA

Reindeer I think now with snowflakes in his antlers, Rudolph perhaps?...

Leslie MP

Reindeer and antlers and snowflakes!!


This is really tough! I'm still thinking a tree of some design, but as "Sweet Mary" said above, this must be a huge cushion.


Oh, I think there is a dog appliqued on the pillow and this is showing his free-wagging tail!

Amanda B

Yay, an ear!


Is it a reindeer cushion? And what looked like snowy branches are antlers? Too funny!

Deborah Dunkerton

It's got to be a very cute reindeer. Can't wait to see a complete picture of it!

Hania Jakimowicz

Wow!!! You fooled us at first!! I say a reindeer with antlers that look like snowflakes!!! Clever lassie!!!!


I am joining the choir: a reindeer in the snow.

Sweet Mary

A reindeer cushion that morphs into a santa sack???

mrs robinson

Ooh, with those sticks that I now believe to be antlers, surely this is a reindeer's ear?

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