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December 22, 2015


Anne Marie

This looks like the side of the cushion where the front meets the back.

Jessica V

I'm thinking it might be the back flap of the cushion?? Looks cozy!

Valerie Bronsard

Bonjour ma belle, comment vas-tu? je lis souvent ton blog même si je n'écris pas mais j'ADORE tes flocons en crochet...c'est juste magnifique! Fais un beau bonjour à Nico, et aussi à mes autres amies si tu les te souhaite un très joyeux Noël et une bonne année...
Grosses bisesXXXXXX


Is this part of the "hidden detail" that you put on your cuffed cushion covers? That's my guess.

Sweet Mary

A patchwork cushion with the snowflake tree?


The back pieces are of two different fabrics!

Jenny W

It must be the overlap of the front and back! :)


I see a winter tree! This is the trunk and yesterdeay we say branches covered with snowflakes :-)

Hania Jakimowicz

A dragonfly on the bark of the snowflake tree!!!!

Angela-Southern USA

Part of a snowman?.. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Amanda B

Oh! I think it must be a reindeer! Maybe Rudolph? I think this is part of the reindeer face, with a blinking eye.

mrs robinson

Hmmm... Well, I was thinking a winter tree but this definitely looks like an eyebrow... Or an eye... Hmm...

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