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December 21, 2015


Anne Marie

My guess is that this is the top portion of the cushion and it will show snowflakes in all their glory.


Branches of a tree with snowflakes amount them!


If you look at it one way it looks like tree branches with snowflakes or blossoms at the top of the cushion. But if you turn it upside down it looks like stick people surrounded by snowflakes! Either way I'm loving the colours.


I love the plaid! I'm guessing it's a snowflake garden

Sweet Mary

A snowflake tree on the front of the cushion?


I too was thinking it will be a new species of tree :) - a snowflake tree!!

Jenny Waldeck

Oh I'm thinking of a Christmas tree
with lovely snowflake ornaments on
wintery, blue plaid

mrs robinson

Gorgeous fabric... and a great giveaway! The photographs look like the front of a cushion, with a wintry tree's branches. Looking forward to more clues tomorrow!


It looks like a snowflake tree to me! Whatever it is, with all those lovely cozy blues and browns, I look forward to seeing the whole thing.

Yup, I'm seeing tree branches filled with snowflakes.

Hania Jakimowicz

This is so much fun!!!! Yes a snowflake mistletoe tree!!!!


A tree of beautiful snowflakes!


Yes, a snowflake tree is my guess. I am thrilled at the possibility of winning one of your crochet edge cases. I sigh over them each time you post. Sweet dreams for sure on such lovely cases.

Jessica V

It looks like snowflakes and bare branches -- the essence of winter! I love the blue and brown together

Leslie MP

Branches with snowflakes!


I'm guessing this is the top half of the front of the pillow. Love the colors! It's looking like probably a winter tree without the leaves and snowflakes falling down around it. I just love your work!!


I'm thinking crocheted flowers on the branches of a tree.

Angela-Southern USA

A Frozen themed cushion?..


After seeing today's clue I think this must be the reindeer antlers with snowflakes sprinkled all among them.


i notice now your beautiful cushion. Love the snowflakes. Lovely!

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