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September 11, 2015



I am in awe of your home away from home, I could stay in surroundings like that forever. It's absolutely breath taking.
I look forward to more photos, and will take imaginary breaths of that beautiful country air.


Wow, its looks amazing i am surprised you can ever manage to leave. I love the new blanket, it looks so soft and cosy

Angela-Southern USA

Sounds like the perfect summer! The wooly blanket is lovely, look forward to more photos. Wonderful memories your daughter will have of the lake.


That photo of your daughter's feet would make a wonderful poster/print.
The ditsy binding is delightful.

mrs robinson

Oh my... a dreamy place. And feeling the need to cosy up with such a beautiful wooly blanket right now


Your heaven sounds heavenly.... and your blanket is so you! I love it.


Hello Sweet Rose Hip,
I loved seeing your wool blanket. It is similar to one i made a few years ago with my old t-shirts. I edged mine also with a lovely piece of leftover calico. I love how the edging looks on our blankets and the colorful squares.

I was wondering
1) Did you use old pieces of wool or did you purchase... i guess it is not that important ... except in the lovely colors you chose and how you found them :)
2) If you just seemed your squares together with a tiny stitch and left it or...?
3) do you dry clean your blanket?
My cotton t-shirt quilt

With Kindness,

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