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July 06, 2015


Dawn Brosa

Beautiful pillowcases. Learning to do that is definitely one bucket list!

belle ausbun

your pillowcases are beautiful! I would like to know how you get the holes
In the fabric?


I am in love with your landscaping, the rock wall, the flowers, all so pretty. Though a little eerie, the sky does add a beauty doesn't it? I always enjoy looking at your stacks of fabric and the beautiful pillow cases they turn into. Have a blessed day!

mrs robinson

Oh my, I thought you had put a filter on those photographs... Love the pretty flower photos and of course, pillowcases dreamy as always!

Angela-Southern USA

Just call you Miss biceps! lol Moving all those rocks around trying to find the right one is a lot of workout for those arms, not to mention the back. I've built a few in my day (and with the non-flat rocks), and I too think of it as like a puzzle, only the pieces are heavier.; D The pillowcases are beautiful as usual. Have you see the crochet pom-pom edge that's out there? It would look great as an edging to some.
Hope the winds stay in your favor and it rains soon! Enjoy the garden adventures!


Oh my, I love that pillowcase with lilac edging. Well done building that wall, they are called dry stane dykes here and used on the farms. We could do with some dry weather for a while as it has been so wet here this year, perhaps we could do a swap? Hx


I love how your seeds have taken off and have made such a beautiful showing! You must be feeling a lot better to be doing all those projects.

We have lots of deer here and a need for raised beds because our neighbors spray chemicals on their lawns. I've decided to give the Juice Plus Tower Garden a try out on our deck (and it was indoors with grow lights during the winter). So far, so good! Yesterday I harvested 8 cucumbers.

What is the crochet pattern on the very top pillowcase in the first photo? Is it one of your own creation? All are beautiful!

Stay safe!


These are so pretty! My bro/sis-in-law leave in BC. We live in Texas. I LOVE your pillowcases and sent you a message through etsy :)

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