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June 13, 2015



I love Granny chic!! My favorite style. I'm literally drooling over your fabric piles all my favorite colors and patterns. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous quilt and trimmed pillow cases!!

Angela-Southern USA

They do say that about I love all the piles! I remember a few years back for a random choosing patchwork, quilters would put all the pieces in a paper bag then reach in and pull out a piece without looking and sew it to the last piece and so on. Enjoy the fabric play!

mrs robinson

Dreamy piles! And what a peach of a find at the charity shop... love it


Love those trimmed pillowcases,especially the red one. I'm not on either facebook or instagram so I'm glad I can still have a peek at your gorgeous fabrics on here. Hx


Wow! This sounds crazy but I think I know that quilt! My great-grandmother was a crafter and made many blankets. I remember those squares from my naptime days. My parents lived in Portland and have no sentimentality for handmade goods. It seems conceivable that this could have ended up in a thrift shop. I will show these photos to my grandma when I visit and see if it looks familiar. I can't be certain it is the same quilt, (lots of the same fabric floating around in the same era), but in any case I'm glad such a treasure is in the hands of someone who appreciates its simple beauty.

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