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May 16, 2015



Ah, the weeding, it's never-ending but the work is so worth it when everything looks lush and vibrant. Good luck with your patch.

Jann Olson

I love the random look of sprinkled seeds! I have a huge Borage plant and another that seeded under my tri-color beech tree. Love them and when they get straggly and separating in the middle I just cut them to the ground and new lovely leaves come back up. Glad you got away to the lake. Will be back to check out your new listings.

Angela-Southern USA

Lovely spring flowers! I know how hard it is to try and grow things basically on rock! ;P The local landscaping places here have mushroom compost and it has done wonders for my garden. Enjoy the time away!

mrs robinson

Beautiful lilac and roses... not so the weeding! I'm quite happy to be doing gentle weeding but we don't seem to have much of that around here. Our garden was made from a field over five years ago but it still wants to revert to field and the weeds are horrible. I'm sure we should spend some time and money on removing all the plants and putting a weed suppressing membrane down, but for now I shall keep on weeding in the hope that it makes a difference! Lovely pillowcases...


Beautiful! Your hard work paid off!

Have you heard of the Juice Plus Tower Garden? You can see it online. I got one last November with grow lights and had a veggie garden in my house during the winter. I moved it to the deck (where the deer and bunnies are less likely to roam) when it got warm enough. It has been awesome thus far and if I can get tomatoes like other are getting tomatoes, I will be a very happy girl!

I hope you are well!

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