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May 07, 2015


mrs robinson

Another dreamy pillowcase! Such pretty fabric. Take good care of yourself and those achy bits!


Your pillowcase is beautiful, I've never crocheted with linen, I must try it. I get a lot of neck pain so you have my sympathy, there is nothing to do but slow down and do a little at a time, hope you feel better soon. Hx


The pillow case is beautiful. I love the colour combinations with the yarn. I hope you get better soon and can get back to all your lovely craftiness.

Mary @ At Home on the Bay

ahhhh .... that is a beautiful combination! I hope you are feeling better soon.


Beautiful photos! and pillowcase, of course!

Angela-Southern USA

A perfect pairing! Wishing you continued rapid healing!

Joy Abbott

Beautiful post glad I stopped by x


I was wondering how you were doing. Yes, sitting - UGH! is hard. I have heard that standing is better for us in so many ways. A custom table for your machine, perhaps?

Isn't the drape of linen just beautiful?

Kate Beverley

Your pillowcase looks beautiful - really nice choice of colours. How lovely to imagine a whole bed set made of this :)


That is pretty. Thanks for sharing.

You may enjoy my talk this morning about liberty.

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