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April 19, 2015



My family and I were in your beautiful city a little over a week ago. My daughter was in love the blooming cherry trees. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city.

Janet Harvey

Love the colours in the Eiffel Tower painting and the pillowcase and they look so cheery sitting on that lovely crochet blanket. :) x


So pretty! And the chair full of blankets is adorable at your my house it just means I've run out of storage space! lol I need to stop buying granny square blankets....xo


Cherry blossom time is so beautiful, I love the clouds of pink which make me think of confetti as it falls. I like the photo with the blues and greens in the picture and I just love your pillowcases. Hope your hip pain eases soon.


It looks beautiful, annd I love the painting: there really are a few cherry trees at the foot of the Eiffel Tower :) I have the fondest memories of cherry tree blossoms in Seattle, the Pacific NW climate must be perfect for these lovely trees.

Angela-Southern USA

A gorgeous pillow celebrating the cherry blossoms! My favorite spring tree! How lucky to have so many to enjoy. Wishing you continued get well soon!

found and sewn

Love blossom time! The pillow is wonderful x

Mary @ At Home on the Bay

Such a pretty pillow! Happy blossom time!

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