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February 21, 2015


Angela-Southern USA

They are all lovely! I totally understand all those images filed away for future use, just quietly waiting to spring forward and come to life. Definitely ready for spring! Even in the southern US we've had a cold and snowy winter, it's like the normal weather patterns went topsy turvy. I too have been working on pillows recently, one inspired from Cherry heart's blog and her painted rose pattern. It seems our desire for spring has manifest itself in

Terri @ Highlandhearts

I absolutely love all your cushions and they look great against your patchwork quilt.

Amy at love made my home

It looks as though spring is indeed all ready to spring at your house! xx


Beautiful cushions!They are really lovely!


mrs robinson

Sadly we have had no winter to speak of here - well, according to my little one as there has been a distinct lack of snow. And with a few peeks of spring, I think it is getting a bit too late for this year. Such pretty posy cushions... I love the teal coloured one!

found and sewn

Such pretty posies, they look great on the cushions x

Kate Beverley

Oh my gosh, I love these cushions! They're so sweet, they have a kind of nostalgic feel to them! I may have to take inspiration from you and have a go at something similar :)
Kate x

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