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January 16, 2015



Oh your gorgeous flowers co-ordinate perfectly with your beautiful patchwork!! Hope you are feeling better soon! xx

Jennifer Hill

Oooohh, gorgeous!! Your flowers! Those colours! And that lovely photo...the woven basket! the crocheted bunting! Mmm. Jen


Just gorgeous.....where would we be without colourful yarn, it really does lift us up! :) xxx


I have the same problem with January and the after Christmas illness...still in recovery mode! Winter has really blasted Muskoka this year, but today the sun is out :) Your blossoms are lovely xo

mrs robinson

Pretty January blooms... hope some cosy crochet time has helped and you are feeling better. The Country Living image is gorgeous - the warm colours and wooly makes. Lovely!

vintage grey

Beautiful flowers!! And, such lovely inspiration!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather


Colour therapy, just the ticket to beat the Winter blues. Those flowers are gorgeous! Now just off to buy a copy of Country Living those colours so dreamy. Happy New Year! x


Love your flowers! Continue, don't give up! Cheers!

Angela-Southern USA

It's all very inspiring! Also sounds like a good plan for the new year. We've had a lot of grey days here as well and I've had the same problem with motivation. Have a great weekend!x


Those crochet flowers are so pretty!!!
Great post!!!

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