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December 25, 2014


Michele Timms

This is so sweet of you! I would choose the red one with the smaller floral print (second from the bottom). Thanks!

Jacqueline Bunn

I think they are all super lovely but the Christmassy ones are pretty beyond words.
Jacqui :)


What a lovely (post) Christmas giveaway! I love them all, but the red one with the blue trim (second from bottom) is my fave!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!


thank you for the chance, love the red floral pattern with the blue crochet...

merry christmas to you and yours-


I love the holly one.

Thank you!


Merry Christmas to you RoseHip!

I fancy the one with bows, thank you.



Adore them all :) But when push comes to SHOVE! Well the red one with the blue trim, second from bottom wins my vote :) Merry, merry Christmas to you and yours x


Like most others, I love all of your pillow cases but having to choose, I'd say the bottom one. Beautiful.


Oh, you are so nice♥
the seagreen with pink roses would be perfect in our home
xox Kerstin


They are all absolutely adorable, but I would LOVE to win the mistletoe pillowcase. Happy New Year


They are all lovely, but the green pillowcase with roses is my favorite!


Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. I love your pillowcases so much. And I think I would like the one at the bottom most of all.
Christmas blessings to you and your family


Love them all but the red one with the smaller flowers would look right at home on my bed!

Sharon Michelle

I would absolutely love the green flowered one at the bottom. I have been admiring your work for a while and was inspired to learn crochet & sewing. Thankyou for the giveaway. Sharon Michelle x


Love the red one on the bottom and love your work!

Maureen S

Love them all, but the bottom green one is my favorite:)


I love love love your pillowcases! I have purchased two and would love to add to my collection. My favorite of these is the red one, second from the bottom. So very pretty!


All are lovely - my favorite is the bottom one - green background with roses. Merry Christmas to you and yours - And a Happy New Year!
Thank you.


I love the two red ones, thanks.


The green pillowcase at the bottom is my favourite. I am not sure if you can post to Australia but I thought I would leave a comment and send best wishes for a new year of crochet and sewing happiness.

Anne C.

They are all beautiful but the third one is my favorite. Thanks a lot for the giveaway.


Love all!!!! As red is my favorite color, I would have to go with a red one. I can imagine any of them on my bed though. Thank you for the generous giveaway..

Angela-Southern USA

A belated Merry Christmas! What a lovely array of festive pillowcases. Thanks for the chance to win one, I love the bottom one the best. Now that the hustle and bustle has died down I hope to whip up a few of your candle covers.(To have a few gifts on hand when I need them in the nick of time.)lol Have a happy new year!

Karen B.

Merry Christmas! They are all lovely but I would pick the holly leaf !


I would love to get the bottom greeny one with the gold and pink flowers. Thank for that dream!

Cindy Payne

just love the 4th one down. it would match my bedroom and be sooo beautiful.

love all of them!!

Maegen Leishman

Hey there B! Either the second or third from the bottom would make my heart sing :) They are all gorgeous, as usual! I hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas! We absolutely did and we have now spent the last 2 days curled up on the couch enjoying a blissful lethargy . ;)


Happy, Happy Christmastime ♥
Each one is gorgeous, especially the Holly berries......and would be perfect all year-long~!
A New Year's on the horizon, all the Best to you.

Teah Barrow

I love them all! Anyone would be appreciated. Thank you for the give away. Have a wonderful New Year!


Merry Christmas to you! Hope you've had a lovely break. These pillow cases are beautiful. The green one at the bottom is my fave 😃 x


I just came to your blog via Bobo Bun so maybe as a 1st time visitor I don't deserve to win. I love all the pillow slips but if I had to choose a favourite, I'd say the bottom one (green with gorgeous roses). Happy Christmas & Happy New Yr


They are all lovely, but the one that caught my eye is the green one on the bottom.

Anabela Rocha

Happy New Year for you and your family!
All of your pillowcases are lovely but if I could choose one, i would like the second from the top, the one with a rose trim.
Congratulations for your blog which i visit for some time ago.
Fabulosa giveaway!!


Oh my, what a gorgeous giveaway! I´m getting all Christmassy all over again. :) My favorite one is the red one on top.
A warm hug from cold and snowy Berlin


I think the mistletoe pillowcase is gorgeous! Merry Christmas!


Wow what a nice giveaway - I would love to win the third down from the top - the Christmas one with the greenish trim - thank you

Diana C.

Happy Holidays,
Love your blog and all it's beauty!
Ohhh the green one on the bottom, beautiful!


Wow! What a wonderful and generous giveaway- many thanks! I love them all and would let you choose - just no christmassy ones please!

Angie Dasner

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope it overflows with all the good stuff life can bring.

I really love the last one. I love the colors; the pink and gold flowers against the almost turquoise background.

However they are all beautiful.


Shauna Hughes

Happy Christmas to you! How can one chose from such lovely fabric but if I had to pick one it would be the middle one, so dainty and Christmassy.

Jessica V.

The bottom one please -- I love that shade of green. :)

Elaine V

Beautiful pillowcases! The bottom one is my fav. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

mrs robinson

Happy Christmas time! Yes, still feeling festive... And such a lovely giveaway! Love, love the Christmas prints yet my favourite is the green floral. Beautiful.


How to choose? Really difficult, but I seem to gravitate towards the lovely red floral on the top of that splendid pile of magnificentness (obviously made up that word just now). Love all of the pillowcases. Happy Holidays and thanks for the giveaway.


Jenny W

I absolutely adore the holly pillowcase! Thank you for hosting a giveaway! I have my fingers and toes crossed!!!


Ooooo... I LOVE the green one on the bottom. SO pretty! Thank you for the chance!

Andrea May

I love all of them! You are so talented and I love checking in on your blog, Happy New Year xxx


Thank you for your gorgeous blog which provides food for the soul. I love them all but especially the bottom one. Have a very happy 2015!


A favorite is too difficult to choose...but the red flower with pale greed crochet would win if I had to choose. I just found your blog and love it - in fact, I was inspired to teach myself to crochet flowers to add to my daughter's knit hats for Christmas. Thank you! Looking forward to more posting. Happy New Year.

Bea Ribeiro

Happy Holidays to you. I like all 5. The last one from top to botton( green) would look lovely in my little girl new bedroom. Tks.

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