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December 25, 2014



Wowee! I would love any of them but the one on the top is my favie fave.
Thanks for all you share. The votive holder pattern is on my to do list


Oh my gosh, they're all beautiful, but my favorite is the green on the bottom with the roses! I've followed your blog for a long time and really love your choice of color combos.


So hard to choose, but the top one in the top picture (green background with pink roses) would be my picK! Thanks for doing this. Happy New Year!

Marie W.


Oh joy! You are so kind and generous! I love your pillowcases and your choice of colors. In this case, though, I really like the second one from the top - the one with all the holly - since my name is Holly. I use holly all year long. I figure if it is my name- why not?

Annette Edghill

They are all so beautiful! I would have to leave the choice up to you! Thank you for taking the time to reach out to people from all over the world and sharing your creativeness! May your 2015 be filled with love, laughter and peace!

Barbara Logan

I love this blog! The green one on the bottom, if I had to choose. Merry merry :)


I think I might just have got this in on time!
My favourite is the green one on the bottom with the large pink flowers.
Wishing you a very happy new year.

Olivia S

What a lovely giveaway! I think I love the green one with the big floral print the most, though. Thank you!

Melody Pelton

Love the pillowcases, the fabric is beautiful with the crochet trim.


Not sure why all comments are still Christmas! I just read your post about your flower patch at the lake. Word of advice: Get yourself a good book and try to identify some of those 'weeds'! Some might not only be edible, but very good for you. Chickweed, for example, (and PLEASE carefully identify before eating) is EXCELLENT source of all kinds of nutrients...packed more than spinach with all those trace elements that we need for well-balanced diet. Very tasty - but best pulled/picked before it flowers, as it loses a bit of flavor after that.

Most of the day-lilies are also edible...the very best and most nutrient packed are the shoots just coming up from the bulb. There are so many hybrids now, I would carefully identify before eating, but once that's done, the sky IS the limit!

Very pretty little flower patch. I don't know about where you live. Locally here, the city collects 'green' garden waste (tree, bush and plant trimmings, etc.) separately from trash. They chop it all up and compost and then it is available free or at VERY LOW cost to local residents.
That compost will help even the hardest soil loosen up and become dark, rich garden soil. If you have colder winters, in the fall, get a couple of bags of composted manure and spread it on the ground where you want to can cover that with garden soil or compost and BOOM! you will have an even richer garden soil, ready to grown whatever you plant in it.
I LOVE "naturalized" flowers - which is what your lovely little patch looks like. (instead of spread in neat, tidy, little rows.)

Happy gardening...


Note about the manure I mentioned in earlier comment. Make sure it says COMPOSTED do NOT want to use raw manure where you plan to plant veggies - or anything you might want to eat!
I've bought it and it's quite inexpensive!

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