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December 25, 2014



I love all of your pillowcases equally, but if I had to choose, I would love to get the red one with mint green(?) trim and big flowers all over. So lovely!


They are all beautiful, but my favourite is the bottom greeny one with the gold and pink flowers


Happy Christmas to you. What a lovely little treat after all the madness. My favourite is the bottom green one. A calm nights sleep to be had on that one.

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

What a sweet give away, especially when it is something you had made so beautiful. Could you popossibly made the choice any harder..any one would be just perfect!
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Kim Harvey

I too love them all but my favourite is the bottom is my favourite colour and the pink flowers just make it even better. Merry Christmas!!

Anne Marie

Happy holidays to you and yours. I love the bottom green pillowcase - green is my color.


Ah, what a lovely thing to do ESPECIALLY on Christmas day. We've had a wonderful relaxing day today, full of all our favorite things. I've got a 14 hour shift in A&E to get through tomorrow so I need to keep reminding myself that I'm grateful to have had Christmas Eve and Day off. I have a feeling I'll need to remind myself ALOT tomorrow as Boxing Day is notoriously busy!

I hope your festive period is everything you wish for.

and I LOVE the bottom green pillowcase. Beautiful.


Lovely giveaway, very thoughtful. My favourite is the holly leaves.

Kate P.

The fourth one down is just lovely!

Louisa Wren

The bottom aqua / green colour is lovely. Merry Christmas!


Oh what a lovely Christmas giveaway :). Pleased to read that you're having a lovely day too.
If I were to be lucky enough to win, I'd adore the very bottom green one Beautiful!

Happy rest of the holidays to you and yours. Bless you. Xx


Both of the red ones are just gorgeous ☺thanks for sharing your lovely stuff all year and for thw chance to win xxx Kylie


Happy to read that you're having a relaxing day. What a fun giveaway. I like the second from the bottom pillowcase - the red fabric with the blue crocheted trim.

Enjoy the turkey! (and the leftovers, which are maybe the best part)

Martha Brown

Happy Christmas! I love ALL of your pillowcases. My favourite one is the red one with the smaller flowers and the blue trim.
I have been planning to do a blog post for... a month -- this is SUCH a busy time of year!

Caro S

Would love a pillowcase. It would be a total surprise as the photos will not load! Happy Holidays!


The pillowcases are all lovely as usual but my fave of this lot is the bottom green one.


I love all your pillow cases and would be proud to put any of them on
My bed. Thank you for the wonderful give a way and Merry Christmas


Love them all but my fav is the one on the bottom! Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas lovely Beata!
I hope you are having a wonderful time and a good rest ..... sounds like you certainly deserve one!
Oooooh my this is a wonderful treat ... thank you for the chance, if i were lucky enough to win I would LOVE the second up from the bottom although they are all glorious!
love Jooles x x x


Love them all it is very hard to decide. I think the greeny one on too in the top picture is lovely. X

Terri @ Highlandhearts

I love them all but if I had to choose it would be the bottom one please! Merry Christmas to you and your family X


Hello I hope you have had a lovely Christmas xx I love all of the pillowcases but I especially like the red ones xx

Rhian McCarthy

All your pillowcases are so pretty but my favourite is the bottom one, we had bed linen very much like it when I was a child. Fingers crossed would love to win one. Diolch (thanks) Rhian from North Wales

Thea Burras

They are all beautiful as always but the one at the bottom with the roses would look perfect in my bedroom. Merry Christmas!

heidi van espen

Love all your pillowcases....but my favorite is the second to last one...Wish you all the best in 2015. Heidi (Belgium)

caroline chapman

Love love love this give away.x


Merry Christmas!
It's funny that women always have a long to-do lists before Christmas! (I got such too:).
All the pillowcases are lovely, but I love the most the one with red background and small roses.


I love the one on the bottom with the green background, althouth they are are beautiful, as usual.

Debbie P.

I hope you had a very Happy Christmas! I do so enjoy your blog and thank you for all the work you put into it :) I love all of the pillowcases, but I would say case #4 from the top. Thank you for the contest. Have a wonderful Boxing Day!


What a lovely, Christmassy thing to do! The green pillowcase with the pink roses is my favorite. You make it so very, very hard to choose one. May your week between Christmas and New Years Day be full of holiday goodness, and no stress!

Una Brearley

Hello,and Merry Christmas!! may I say that you are so very clever to be able to make so many beautifull things,it would be an honor to own something that you have made.I am new to blog land with my own little blog(lifeatteacupcottage.blogspot),but have followed what you have been doing for quite a long time.My favourite is the one with thi tiny bows,it's beautiful and I love bows.Have a Happy New Year.Regards...Una.x.


Wow I love them all, but the bottom greens one is my favourite and would look fabulous in my bedroom, which is finally being decorated after 6 years of living in a mess.
Happy New Year!
Elisa x [email protected]


Merry Christmas to you and your family! Continue your beautiful work! It is a true art!


They are all beautiful and if I must choose my favorite, it would be the second from the bottom, red with blue trim. Thanks for a chance to win!

Patti Reed

You are too sweet! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I love the bottom pillowcase. They are all so beautiful, I would love them all. Have a wonderful New Year.

Samantha Bailey

Love the blog and love the one with the blue trim. Merry Christmas!!


So pretty! I love the one on the bottom!

Jeannine Vanham

A verry merry christmas to you and your familly and all the best whishes for the new year 2015.
If i may choose a pillow it would be the first, the fourth or fifth one, it's up to you!


I Love them all :-)


I like the red with the light blue trim-I like the juxtaposition of the colors (really I like that about all of them!)

Mary Lou Biedermann

The bottom green background with pinkish roses is right down my alley!


They are all stunning and I would be happy with any of them.


They are all very pretty but if I have to choose it would be the red one on the top.


Thank you and merry Christmas! I love the first red one:)


I love the red one on top! It reminds me of a vibrant oilcloth pattern! Very uplifting and bright! Just what my guest bedroom needs! Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas! I really love the red one, second from the bottom. :)

Sweet Mary

I love the green one on the bottom pretty please x

Tammy Christie

I love, love, love these. My favorite is the holly one. Great idea.


What a difficult choice - I think the second red one (on the bottom) as i love the blue edging. Fabulous giveaway, many thanks.xx


I really love the 3rd one...with the pretty!

Love your blog and I still having gotten around to making that coverlet yet. However, it is on my to do list for this next week. Your pillowcases are so pretty and you do a wonderful job on them!

Christmas blessings to you!

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