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November 22, 2014


Jane Stewart

I would love the pattern for the sweet little red candle holder cover. Very unusual and beautiful.


Adorable candle votive cover! You are a very generous and clever little stitcher to share your pattern with us. :-)

Annette My Rose Valley

Hello Beata
What a lovely Blog Hop. I've missed this completely. Thank you for all links that I will explore this morning. The photos are gorgeous and I am so curious about that Scandinavian Christmas Book. Right up my alley, of course. And your candle holders are the cutest. I would love the pattern, if you have time.
Hope life treats you well. And happy Christmas preparation. I am strictly waiting for first of advent to arrive before Christmas enters my door step. I can't wait to put Mr Buble on. He always brings that little extra spirit to my home this time of the year.
My Rose Valley

Angela-Southern USA

Looks like a wonderful inspiring book. I love the votive covers so festive! I'm thinking of them in blue and white with a snowflake then they can stay out through winter. Thanks for the inspiration! Definitely dreaming of a white Christmas, but don't really expect one so far South here in the


Hi Beata
The candle holder covers are beautiful and I would love it if you had time to share a quick pattern. Your crochet flower square pattern was my 2nd ever crochet project and I made a pretty cushion for my daughter! xx

Laura Brown

Love this! I love the simplicity of the colors and decor in this. Thanks so much for sharing. I would love to see/have the pattern for the votive holders.


Thank you from the tips for preparing my Christmas. Fortunately I am from Montreal so I will have my white Chrsitmas. Enjoy and thanks again. Looking foward to find that book.

Sharon Stradley

I would love the adorable pattern. You are so sweet to share it!

Cathy Torske

I know this is late request but I just ran across the votive covers! They are great! If you still have the pattern I would love a copy!

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