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September 19, 2014



you have the best stash ever! enjoy getting back into a routine...i'm still in recovery mode from our crazy summer. i think i need a vacation lol xo

Taciana Simmons

You have so many pretty fabrics!

Ada Bea

What an amazing array of fabric, I could just dive straight in! :) xxx

Amy at love made my home

I hope that the strike is over so that you can return to normal life and get stuck into your fabrics and yarn. Your fabric stash is wonderful!!! xx


Oh my! I threw away so many such vintage fabrics some time ago!...

mrs robinson

Surely the dreamiest pile of fabric!

Angela-Southern USA

Oh what yummy eye candy! Definitely a fall-ish feel.


You must be in the same province as me! I am just getting to know your site. Lovely.

found and sewn

Wow! Look at all that lovely many great colours and prints x

Zurainny Ismail

Luscious colours & pretty designs - such a wonderful collection you have there!


I don't know what it is about Fall, but it makes me want to sew and create!

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