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July 19, 2014



It's so nice that you have the option to go missing for a while. I'm hoping for a bit of time at our lake too...if I can gather two girls up for the same few days (tricky). We've had a cooler summer and I'm not complaining one need for air conditioning, windows open and nice fresh air...perfect! Love your garden. xo


Your garden looks lovely and the final picture, of the lake, is gorgeous. How lucky you are to have such a place to run to!! We just had 12 yards of good soil delivered for out yard. I totally get what you are talking about with the garden!

Helen in Colorado

From your photos it's easy to see where you get your inspiration for color combinations. So nice!

And good for you that you unplugged from the net for the most part while away. Whenever we take a trip where web access is none or limited, I find that I don't miss it very much.

Welcome back!

Angela-Southern USA

Sounds like a wonderful summer! I agree, gardens of whatever variety need tending always. (whether they get it or not is the question here.) ; D Your flowers are beautiful! Enjoy!


It's always nice to hear from you. Your pictures are lovely :) So glad to hear how much you are enjoying your time at the lake :)
Smiles, DianeM

mrs robinson

Such a beautiful garden... I am endlessly attempting to drag ours from the field it recently was - and constantly wants to revert to - into a pretty cottage garden! And I do wish my washing on the line looked this stylish...

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