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May 17, 2014


Lucie Drlet

C'est réellement délicat et si féminin. Une très bonne idée de recyclage. I love it! So cute!


Your curtain is gorgeous, and deserves to have a whole page devoted to it! :)

Amy at love made my home

Hope that you are having a good long weekend, your curtain is beautiful and certainly deserved a page to itself! xx


Yes! A beautiful romantic curtain.
thank you for sharing the ideas.
have a great long week end
Miss xx


Hi Beata
I am in Australia and your gorgeous flower square pattern was one of my first crochet projects when I learnt how to crochet a few years ago. I love following your blog and seeing all your beautiful photos and creative makes. Your vintage linen curtain is wonderful! Louise xx

Lindy in Brisbane

Hi! I'm another Aussie that loves your work and reads your blog religiously. I've had that curtain idea in the back of my head ever since you first showed it . I'm still collecting! I am also a big fan of your crochet pillow cases. Thanks for the inspiration!


What a lovely use of embroidery pieces. Your curtain is so pretty with the light shining through it.


Congratulations Beata!!!!
see you soon, then! ;oD
xxxxxxxx Ale


I've loved this from the beginning...think I've pinned it along the way also. Nice to see your pretty work recognized far from home. xo


Gosh that is one pretty curtain Beata and I'm not surprised to see it adorning the pages of a magazine! you are so clever my friend x
Enjoy your long weekend, we have one next weekend.
love Jooles x x x

Kris Van Allen

I just love this curtain! How did you seam the pieces together?

Angela-Southern USA

It should have a age to itself! Congrats!! :))

Angela-Southern USA

That should read page, not age to

mrs robinson

A dreamy curtain... beautiful. And oops, still only catching up with posts so really should read your giveaway post!

Angela @ Cottage Magpie

Congratulations! It looks so charming!! ~Angela~


Congratulations! Beautifully Detailed!

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