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May 27, 2014



These are both so lovely. It's hard to choose a favorite but I guess I'll say buttercup dreams.


They are both so pretty, but I adore the Buttercup Dreams, as it has a lot of pink and yellow!

paula barclay

I love them both but sherbet dream is my favourite and would great in my home xx


Oh fabulous, I'd love to be entered, both are beautiful, but sherbert dreams would be perfect for my new bedroom...Elisa x

Patti Reed

Oh my gosh, I love the Buttercup Dreams!

Joy Abbott

I would be happy with either there both gorgeous x

Andrea Reynolds

They are both gorgeous but as I have to pick one it would be Sherbet Dreams. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of them :-)


I love them both, but I think I would choose Buttercup Dreams, should I be so lucky...


They are both gorgeous but sherbet dreams narrowly wins for me. Great giveaway, thank you.


What a generous giveaway!! I love sherbet dreams...... Thank you so, so much, Pati x

Amy at love made my home

What a lovely giveaway, both are beautiful, but if pressed I would say that buttercup dreams is my favourite. I hope that they sell really well for you. xx


Oh I ♥ sherbert dreams!!!
Thank you xo


Oh these are fantastic! I love the first one the best but either one would be amazing! I would make it for my guest bedroom ! I will be dreaming of you sherbet dreams:) thanks for the chance to win!

Shauna (Linnet in Oriel)

Oh, these are so pretty! If you would do international postage I would love to be included for the Sherbert please. If not, I am still very inspired by your color combinations and will be keeping an eye out for your Etsy shop!
Shauna. X


Yum...sherbert please. I do love them both though. Sherbert would go nicely in the newly screened Muskoka room! Finally we've had some beautiful hot days here, so looking forward to the summertime. xo


I love them both but prefer sherbet dreams. Thank you for a chance to win. I love your blog by the way. So refreshing and inspirational.

Caro S

Just lovely! I prefer the aqua/ pink version. Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway.


Buttercup dreams is perfect for my baby girl's room, I love the combination of colors and prints. Thanks for the fun blog and contest!

Maureen S

I'm loving the buttercup dreams. Fingers crossed.

Lucie Drlet

I love all off them. Les couleurs sont à la fois douces et enveloppantes!
I love the buttercuo dreams.


So hard to choose, they are both lovely. However I think Sherbert Dreams has it by a nose.

Thanks for the chance to win.


My favorite is buttercup dreams, it looks like a sunny summer morning!


Sherbert dreams is the one I like best for that little hit of aqua. One day I'm going to sleep under a quilt those colours. thanks for your generosity and all you share on your blog.


I think I will go with Sherbert Dreams. Love that aqua color. Thank you for a great giveaway. Love your quilts.

Caroline Johnson

They are both so sweet looking,but will pick buttercup dreams.thanks


Love love love all the yellow in buttercup dreams! The colors remind me of my childhood. Sooo beautiful, and such a generous giveaway. Thank you!!


Sweet dreams for me...zzzzzz!

Angie H.

They are both so pretty, but I choose Sherbet Dreams....thank you so much!


Oh what an awesome giveaway! Love both choices, but I I think Buttercup would be my fave.
Thank you!


Beautiful fabrics, they are both lovely, I think I am fondest of the Sherbet Dreams. Thanks for the chance.


All the colors are so delicious... Sherbert dreams is my favorate...... Love your blog, keep posting, you are truly inspiring...
Tammie Moore

Tammy haby

They are both so pretty and you have put them together so inspiring-ly! The buttercup bundle takes me back to my youth in the 70's for some reason, which is a good thing, but the sherbet dreams makes me want to do a happy dance. Thanks for your posts!

vintage grey

Oh, such a pretty giveaway!! I would love a chance to win the buttercup dreams!! Thank you! xo Heather

Heather A.

Those selections of fabric are ao pretty together. The buttercup dreams palette reminds me so much of my childhood!


They are both lovely and what a generous giveaway! I would love the sherbet dreams, as one can never have too much pink in their live :-) Lots of these manufacturers are not even available over here.

Taciana Simmons

I love it, love it, love both of them... But since I also love yellow I think I would choose the buttercup dreams ... Thanks so much for such a great giveaway :)

Lucy Eldridge

Gosh they are both so beautiful but I think Sherbet dreams is my favourite .


Love them but love sherbert dreams a 'tad more. Thank you. Jen


Hello lovely Beata :o)
Goodness me what a treat! your pretty bundles looks so beautiful all tied up up like that ..... how can you bear to part with any!
I adore both colours ways but if I had to choose, Sherbet dreams winds by a sneak.
Sending lots of love
Jooles x x x

Alice Kryel

Wow! I love the butttercup dreams!


What a super giveaway, thank you for the opportunity! I usually go for pinks and blues, but I can't stop ogling those gorgeous yellows, so buttercup dreams is the winner for me! x


Such beautiful colours


They're both great - I suppose I'd pick sherbet. Thanks!


I love buttercup dreams! In Holland we don't have vintage sheets like this. I've found some 70's sheets with a lot of brown and orange but nothing as cheerfull as this. If the contest is open to someone from Holland, I would like to enter!


I am in love with buttercup dreams! X

bee sparkles

ohh i love them,... buttercup dreams please! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sherbert dreams is definitely my favourite with that lovely aqua in with the pinks.


what a lovely giveaway! I would love a chance at sherbert dreams! Thanks!!

Teresa @Aurea's Kitchen

Both of them are gorgeous, but the buttercup dreams bundle is my favourite.


Liz Merckel

Both Are Beautiful Bundles, By I Think Sherbet Dreams Is Just In The Lead! I Love Your Finished Quilts, Thanks For The Chance To Win!

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