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May 08, 2014



so pretty and springy...i've changed out the winter curtains for white lace or cottons. such a huge difference. i see buds getting plump on my lilacs, one daffodil opened today and there are a few grape hyacinths here and there. (i think winter finally left us)


Your coverlet is lovely! The bedroom nook looks like a springtime sanctuary. I agree, small changes can make a difference in a room.


Oh Beata ..... If only I could just cosy down in that delicious looking bed ;o)
Such beautiful photos and your coverlet is a delight, my fave combination (i think, hard to choose!) is the bright pink pillow with the blossoming trees ..... ahhhhhhhhh SO PRETTY!
It is amazing how such little changes creates a whole different atmosphere.
Happy weekend
love Jooles x x x

Maria Miller

~ A place for sweet dreams, I believe..Beautiful...
Maria x

Amy at love made my home

So lovely to see your nook and all the fun changes that you made swapping things round! I think that I would have difficulty choosing which picture to hang up and would need to try and put up several - but then it would be nice to keep swapping them around too!! Your quilt is beautiful and goes with all of your different accessories beautifully too. xx


Lovely! I love the headboard color too (that is my favorite) and tomorrow I will finish a quilt with a back in a pale aqua sheet with a pink rose bouquet on white vintage sheet front. I couldn't decide about the binding, but then I thought about your blog and decided on red. It's looking amazing!

Angela-Southern USA

It's hard to pick a favorite from them all! And fun to 'play dress up' in the house, I agree that the littlest changes can make a big difference. Love it and the red ties!

mrs robinson

This little nook is oh so pretty in any of its lovely guises! There is no favourite for me, though it is interesting how the smallest change can alter the feel of the space. This quilt is beautiful, and looks so snug with its cord back - a great idea

Taciana Simmons

That is soooo pretty. I'm a fan of your work and I have been thinking about making a quilt for my bed for quiet some time now... Yours gives me the inspiration to stop thinking and maybe get some fabric and go for it :)
Beautiful, beautiful!

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