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April 19, 2014



I love the first picture a lot!!!!!
Happy Easter Beata, xxxxxx


Such a beautiful photo Beata!
Ooooooh that cheesecake sound DeLiSh :o)
Happy Easter ..... love Jooles x x x

Annette My Rose Valley

Dear Beata
What a lovely pile of pillows. And the sun light is really doing its magic. I've seen the new Selina Lake book on Instagram...So curious about it. Are you featured? My promise on sending you a full color chart of Tilda colors have completely slipped my mind until a few weeks a go and I will post it to you shortly.
I see you are busy, I hope life is treating you well. Mine is overwhelming for the moment but still very joyful. I'm juggling it the best I can, trying to figure it all out. As always. And a ball of yarn and a hook always makes wonder to my soul.
All the best

vintage grey

Gorgeous photos and pillows!! Happy Easter! xo Heather

Tracey at yarn and pencil

The top photo with the sunshine is perfect :-)
Your pillows are very inviting.
Tracey xx

Angela-Southern USA

Beautiful as usual! A sunny and warm Easter sunday here, we were blessed for sure.Look forward to the coverlets ta-dahs.A lot of digging in the dirt going on here of late, not much time for yarn or cloth.

mrs robinson

Such pretty, sunny photographs... would just love all of those delicious pillowcases on my bed!

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