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April 08, 2014



Love it so much...makes me kind of nostalgic...those vintage daisies and such. This is for sure on my "when i get brave bucket list" xo

Angela-Southern USA still my beating heart! LOVE this one, not that I didn't the other, but this is definitely my favorite. Seeing as pinks and aquas are my favorite color combos, at the moment. :)Look forward to the final Ta-dah!I would name this one Summer Breeze.

vintage grey

So beautiful and summery! xo Heather

Amy at love made my home

I really like the pops of turquoise, I think that it could be spring and summer! xx


Love love this one even more than number one... Must be the aqua and the brighter pinks... So so pretty!!! :0))

Tracey at yarn and pencil

I'm another aqua lover :-) It's beautiful.
Tracey xx

Chrissie Crafts

Ooooo such pretty, pretty fabrics! And the *neatest* joins, so precise and perfect! I can't wait to see the next step...Chrissie x

mrs robinson

So beautiful too... and somehow more Springlike to me - the deeper pinks make me think of my bleeding hearts now happily growing and bursting into flower

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