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February 15, 2014



I have never seen a tree look quite so flat before! It is almost like it has been squashed. I love your pictures, it looks like you had a marvellous time. I would love to go to Ireland but I'll have to wait a few more years until the kiddywinks are a bit older.


Your photos almost brought a tear to my eyes! And now I'm off to plan an Irish road trip because 13 years is too long to stay away!


Ah the charms of Avoca, I am very fortunate in living only 20 miles from an Avoca shop, it's a very tempting place.
Aren't the Cliffs of Moher breathtakingly amazing!


So got to visit here one day, looks just the sort of place I and my family would enjoy x

found and sewn

What an amazing time you had. Great photos! Love the flat tree x

rose victorien

merci beaucoup pour cette merveilleuse balade

Melissa Casady

I loved reading about your vacation in Ireland. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.

Angela @ Cottage Magpie

Oh my goodness, it's all so charming!!! What a great trip! And the colors in that visitor's center, oh my. I'm glad you had fun! ~Angela~


Thanks for the beautiful photos of your trip! I live in the north west of Ireland but I love Dublin. I'm definitely going to plan a trip to Cork and Kerry! Love reading your blog.

Dervla Monaghan

You've captured Ireland so well in your photos. I'm from Galway but live in Dublin and Avoca is my favourite store. Your beautiful work would fit in well in their store! Do come back and visit.

mrs robinson

Lovely, colourful photographs! We had a dreamy camping holiday in Ireland, travelling around in my beloved first car - Miriam the Renault 5...

Angela-Southern USA

OMGoodness, Love it all!The mill, wow, I'd find it difficult to leave, what a gem! Now if I could only talk the hubby into painting our house like that first photo. lol Dingle looks like my kind of town! Ireland has always pulled at my heartstrings, would dearly love to visit. The grass photo looks like an ocean wave, except in green. :)Glad it was a fun trip,thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing your loot!


Brings back happy memories of childhood holidays... thank you! Did you kiss the Blarney stone? Do people still do that even? It's supposed to give you the gift of the gab! x


Wonderful reportage,I wish I were there!

Eva Martin

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip . . . oh what memories !! I lived in Dublin for 7 years and still work for an Irish company so I'm lucky to still go there at least twice a year. . . and I'm going again next week !!
Did you visit the AVOCA store in Dublin ?? and its Cafe ?? Huummm, Avoca has to be one of my favourite stores on earth !! Just love everything they have. . . and the food in Ireland is a ready to be discovered by the world. . .completely underrated !

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