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January 25, 2014



your footstool is beautiful Beata!!!!
You know, when I and my hubby got married we spent our honeymoon in Ireland, some days in Dublin And the rest travelling in the country side with a rented car…..just like you!!!! We did this almost 17 years ago and all the memories (pics and Co) are in Italy, so I cannot be helpful….sorry!!!
Have fun, see you soon
xxxxxx Ale


The stool is gorgeous, I'm still wondering where I could make a similar rose! Have a fantastic trip. There is so much you could see and do London. I don't think you will be short of ideas. I once went to Dublin and whilst driving around the countryside, I just kept leaping out the car to take photos. It felt so magical! enjoy, Heather x


Have a great trip. Make sure you go to Covent Garden in London.


Have a FABULOUS time dear Beata!
and goodness me ..... that is one beautiful footstool!
love Jooles x x x


Wow what a gorgeous footstool!! I love what you've done with it. Isn't it amazing what a bit if wood and a hood eye and hand can do. I think three in different designs will look fab. Oh how very exciting for you to be going to London and Ireland. I love both places and there's a great deal to see and do. The usual stuff in London, Big Ben, Hyde park, tower bridge, an open air bus tour around. Yes definitely liberty, portobello market, grays antique market and lace and linen both on Davies street in London Mayfair. It really just depends on time and what you want to do. I would also really recommend going to the Tate museum and eating out at the Oxo tower restaurant on the Thames and very near to the Tate modern. You can get a London pass if you're planning in doing a few things as it will be cheaper. Check it out online. Ireland, love Dublin and unjust prefer browsing there. Really like The coastline from Wexford to Kerry and think that areas like inland Kilkenny is definitely worth visiting. I also like the north , but for me the south is really special. Hope you have a fab trip , you must be soooo excited!!! Bon voyage xoxo


Beata I do love this stool so much! It's perfect in every way! I hope you have a fabulous time in London and Ireland. I look forward to hearing all about it. Big hugs Amanda xxxx


Footstool and cover are both terrific! Love the bowl sink as well. Enjoy.


Ireland is on my bucket list for sure...I can't wait to hear about your adventure. I always imagine a little cottage by a pasture full of woolly sheep....add a bit of fogginess and a thick sweater. :) Your footstool is very sweet! So much snow here...double our average (and very, very cold temps.). I am beginning to lose my mind. xo

Amy at love made my home

Your stool is lovely! Congratulations on what will be your 22nd Anniversary this year then, I hope that you have a wonderful trip away and look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Hope that you have fun shopping in Liberty's too!! xx


Your little foot stool turned out beautiful! I love the colors. Enjoy your vacation, it sounds awesome, a place I would go if I weren't afraid to fly!


Love the footstool! Happy anniversary and congrats, have a fabulous trip!

vintage grey

Oh, I love how it turned out and the colors are perfect! Have fun on your trip! xo Heather


Wow your footstool is just stunning! I totally love it :0)


What a beauty! That cros-stitch rose looks absolutely delicious .
oh - and have a great trip to Ireland!

Angela-Southern USA

I think it's too beautiful to be stepped on!;) I could see it as a pillow though. lol Happy anniversary trip, look forward to hearing all about it.


Love your footstool, stunning! Take a trip to Loop yarn store in London, you won't want to come out empty handed :o) have a wonderful trip xxxx


Be still my beating heart! That's simply beautiful! I'm having a little love affair with cross stitch on crochet myself at the moment and you've set my mind a whirring!

I'd definitely recommend Covent Garden and Loop (Islington) while you're in London. Wherever you go, have a simply lovely time.

Heather x


Hope you're having a great trip!
Love this stool, its just beautiful!

found and sewn

What a lovely foot stool design! Enjoy your weekend x

Angela @ Cottage Magpie

It's beautiful!!! I love it. OH by the way, I mentioned you on my blog today. <3 ~Angela~

Rose bleu pâle

Just a little word from Paris to say to you how sweet, how cute is your footstool with his rose x-stitched.

Miss Manitas

really cool!!


that is so adorable!!

Miss Manitas

Soooo cute!!!


It might just be a footstool but it sure is a beautiful one!

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