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December 02, 2013



Your flowers are the most beautiful shades of pinks, I can't wait to see what you make with them! Hope you Christmas elves are having fun :)


your flowers make me happy!!!! gorgeous!!!!!
xxxxx Ale


I too love pink flowers with yellow centers. :) I'm still trying to learn how to make your ruffled pink and yellow flowers. They are all so lovely.

Taciana Simmons

Love the flowers... So feminine and romantic and cannot wait to see the pattern .... How fun that the kids are " preparing and making Christmas" that is the real fun of the holidays .


Goodness me ..... so much excitement!
I missed your previous post about your crochet edged pillowcase tutorial, I'm beyond excited Beata!
and those sweet little flowers ..... ahhhhhhhhhh beautiful.
I love the thought of your lovely girls crafting away like little elves, that is so sweet.
love jooles xxx


Beautiful flowers and you are so lucky to have such fun and caring girls in your life.


looks like something very beautiful is being made there! can't wait to see it! Heather x

Angela-Southern USA

Santa's helpers have been busy here as well. Decking the halls...upstairs and down, even the porch and yard! lol I was recently gifted some bubble lights(love'em!) so one tree is retro themed this year. Can't wait to see what you do with ALL those pretty flowers!!! I just finished hooking a winter wonderland wreath. Isn't crochet addictive? Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Oh what beautiful photos! I can't wait to see more!


These are gorgeous flowers and love the colours you chose. Beautiful! Enjoy your day sweetie xoxo

Candy Pop

I love those flowers!

Angela @ Cottage Magpie

OK, you know I am dying for the pillowcase edging pattern, right???? But I forgive you (hahaha) because those flowers are so darn cute!!!! I can't wait to see what comes of those. Speaking of, did you ever do a pattern for those adorable felt Russian nesting dolls you made awhile back? I loved those sooo much and would love to make some for my tree. Oh heck, just to have in my studio, let's be honest. :-) ~Angela~

mrs robinson

How lovely that the Christmas bug has bitten all of your family! I'm enjoying some secret festive knitting, squeezed inbetween less fun jobs, though with lots of presents still to make I may just have to spend the next week solely knitting. Bliss! Sweet little flowers...

n klein

I so so so NEED your tutorial and WHERE you get your fabric! <3 I have to order everything online which is really hard to find the amazing fabrics! hope you can help me out in that area… names of great fabric lines? maybe
thanks ! waiting for your pattern

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