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October 17, 2013



What beautiful shades. I have had two skeins of variegated embroidery yarns in that exact palette in my stash for years - one 'minky-mushroomy' the other 'aqua-tealy-silvery'. Now I feel inspired...


Cath Kidson sold the company some time ago so I doubt the colour palettes are her choices. More like those of a board of designers. I still love the ranges though!
I'll have to try the colour websites.

Beata Basik

Sorry about my lack of clarity with regards to Cath Kidston: when referring to CK, I meant the brand or the company, not specifically the person. (I've changed my wording in my post to try to reflect that a bit better.) From what I understand though, Cath Kidston, the person, is still the creative director of the company even though she sold her majority stake in the company a few years ago.

found and sewn

I love minky mauve, such a lovely colour! I use it a lot in my textiles. I love your pillow cases.

Angela-Southern USA

Lovely purple tones. :)I seem to be hung up on the 50's color palate at the moment. Lots of aqua and pink. lol Re-decorating my kitchen at the moment to reflect that era. Currently making retro looking potholders to decorate above all the windows. Look forward to seeing your work in the new colors.

mrs robinson

A dreamy pile of autumn colours! I (like many) am loving mustard...

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