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October 23, 2013



a lovely spot to enjoy the autumn from. The picture was a true find, it would look good anywhere and lovely that is on easel. sweet bird, i wonder which kind it is? not one we see here! Heather x


Such a lovely post!! The cozy corner.....just saying it makes me want to be in it!!
We are also having the most lovely fall.....dry though....hoping for some rain soon...
Books!!! Can you imagine not having books!!! I'm always amazed when I walk into a house books!!
They are part of my security......
Have a lovely day...


So sweet...very nice spot you have there. I am in the early stage of "gettin' cozy"...we've had snowy stuff going on for two days now. I'm not even upset about it. I think I actually need it and everything that goes along with it. Thanks for the inspiration Beata...xo

krista - Poppyprint

It has definitely been the best October I can recall. I've enjoyed the fog horns which make their way up to my sewing room from the harbour!

Joy Abbott

Lucky you finding such a great painting I think its, love the little bird in the make shift bird bath x.

Angela-Southern USA

Such a beautiful cozy corner and lovely Autumn leaves. I have a similar corner as well. Have a look if you like. Have a wonderful Autumny weekend!


I am just a little speechless about that gorgeous painting. That was from the thrift store??? Oh my it is lovely and it looks gorgeous on that easel. Lovely chair too! A very pretty corner and perfect for this time of year. xoxo

mrs robinson

Such a dreamy crochet corner... so pretty I would spend all my time there, and neglect the garden and home! We are having such a wet autumn, mild but soggy. And as of tonight windy too!

Annette My Rose Valley

Hi Beata. I was just gonna say - the painting!!! First I thought you had a hidden painting skill that you surprised us with... What a fabulous find. Lucky you!

PS I will put together a sample chart for you when I have time, of the Tilda yarn I mean.

My Rose Valley

Donna @Allthingsming

Such a lovely space...I have to agree this was one of the best Octobers whether wise fro us on the East coast here.

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