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October 07, 2013



Congratulations to the winners. I paged through a copy in Waterstones the other day and loved all the photography and colour pops on each page. A really fun new crochet book xox Penny


Oh, congratulations to the winners!! :)


congratulations to the winners!!!!!
xxxxxx Ale


Just wanted to congratulate the winners and thank you for hosting a lovely giveaway. Love your crochet and fabric choices, they always look beautiful.


Congratulations to the lucky winners!
Ahhhhh ..... those pillow cases ..... so pretty.
love jooles xxx


Oh wow, thank you!! Must be my lucky day :o)
Sam xx

Linda Russ

Congratulations to the winners :)


Congrats to the lucky winners and thanks for putting a link up for the book!


Congrats to the winners. xo


Congrats to the winners. The pillowcases are so pretty with their special edges.

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

I'll add my congrats as well! Love the pillowcases. You've inspired me to do some. If you'd like to see they're here.
Thank you for the lovely inspiration!


che meraviglia!!!!!!!!


Thank you so MUCH!!! I'm very happy. Never won before... Have a nice weekend!

Hazels Crochet

Congratulations to the winners, I think I will put this book on my wishlist for christmas he he :)

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