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August 24, 2013



This is a beautiful idea and great execution! I need to get some vintage linens in my stash, I see.


i love it, i love it, i. love. it. :) xo

Patty Radish

Love the ties at the top, now I know how I want to make mine!


What a gorgeous solution! I'm defo filing that idea for future reference :)


a very pretty and lovely vintage solution for your privacy problem. must start collecting... Sam xx


I love your curtain. How pretty it must look in the house :)
Smiles, DianeM

Annette My Rose Valley

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I want to make one of those curtains for our down stair bathroom window. Great idea! It will never be as adorable as yours but one can only try... Lets start embroidery hunting.


What a great idea! It does have a stained glass sort of look. Perfect for a lake cabin! Love it!


really beautiful! looks lovely with the white washed wood.


What a beautiful idea! How did you do the seams on the back? I love this!!


Oooh, nice curtain,so delicate and fresh!

Joy Abbott

What an absolute yummy curtain x


Most charming curtain, a much better solution that frosted windows.


Such a lovely idea! Just what I need to do in our bathroom. I love how the light lights up the fabric

found and sewn

This is beautiful! Great use of all those pretty fabrics.

Liz Messenger

What a great idea for using old linens that have some unsightly stains or holes. You just use the good part. I will consider this permission to cut them up!


Utterly brilliant!

Rosey tinted Spectacles

~ I LOVE it so much! Very individual to you and so very pretty! ~ Hugs and summer kisses ***** Maria x


Gorgeous!!!! I LOVE what you have created here!


This is so pretty...what a neat way to use some beautiful pieces of vintage linens!


It is the cutest thing! Can you give us the info on how you sewed it please? It looks pretty easy on some pieces, but the ones with lace I am not sure about.


this is so adorable :) did you serge the seems? if not how did you take care of that?


Beautiful! Please tell me, how did you sew the pieces together?


#oh I absolutely love this! And I am too wondering how you sewed them together, did you do it by hand and just edge hits edge?


I have been sitting on this idea for a while and seeing how beautiful your curtain has turned out Im inspired to go through my stash and make one for my laundry window this weekend!!
Thankyou for sharing this, its wonderful...good for you!!!

jeanne joss

Thanks so much for this idea. It will look lovely in my attic room and I really must clear out some old embroidered tablecloths as well. Thank you for sharing x

Angela-Southern USA

Oh my that IS gorgeous! (Blog hopping and ran across yours, so glad!)I've made café curtains before from embroidered pillowcases, never thought of this (with a large collection myself...the mind is racing. Thanks for sharing. :)

krista - Poppyprint

Super pretty, cottagy and just perfect!


Just love your curtain , very creative.

Helen in Colorado

I couldn't pin this to my "Anything Stitched" board fast enough.

I've thrifted a number of vintage embroidered dresser scarves. Taking a scissor to them might take a little bit of bravery. But it's better that they shine in the light of day than be kept stashed in a bin.


I am in love and inspired by this


Very sweet looking.

maria tereza

Maravilhosooooo <3


Love it. Just the inspiration I need for doing something with all my grandmothers hand made tablecloths.

Holly Gleason

Hi ... how did you connect the patches when the edges were crochet? Help please ... it's a lovely curtain ... great job!

Elizabeth Perry

Did you ever respond about how this was finished off on the seams?


This looks lovely, but I fear for the vintage embroidery. I suspect it will be destroyed by light damage. I hate to see beautiful old needlework sacrificed in this way. Maybe you could line it or protect it in some other way.


LOVE this and want to carry thru to MY bathroom curtains for window and shower... would LOVE a how-to... or where you found the way to put them together with out a fabric backing ...


I really wish you shared how to sew this together. I have collected a bunch of vintage linen and now realized I am unsure how to sew it because of the edging :(


I think French seams would be perfect! Where there are lace edges just use tuck the unedged seam under. I’m going to do mine like that so it’s just as pretty on the back.


How are they sewn together?!

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