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June 04, 2013



Beautful pictures of lupins and foxgloves! I like lupins, although I have a little bit too much of them... Very nice place for the shed! That will be wonderful.


Oh my goodness. If we had that shed, I doubt we'd ever get the kids out of it. What a glorious spot.


Well I followed the link to your house and what can I say but WOW! Such a beautiful house and a fabulous place to put it. It's the sort of house I wanted as a dolls house strangely enough, but have never found.
I have never tried scattering lupin seeds to see if they will take, but as we have several in the garden, once seeds are ready - which won't be for a while as the flowers haven't opened properly yet - I shall try the scattering!

krista - Poppyprint

Your place looks so gorgeous Beata and the garden is lovely! The shed on dock is a brilliant idea. Greetings to everyone!


How peaceful! I love foxgloves and lupines, they're so pretty. Your property is so beautiful, I can see waking up to that water view!


Got my latest 'Romantic Homes' magazine..very cool to see your Rose Hip pillows in there. :)


Beautiful pics, beautiful country! It looks so relaxing, I'm sure you enjoy immensely.

Andrea May

What a great idea your wool blanket is and fabulous photos!

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