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June 12, 2013



Absolutely love this blanket! Might need to empty to jumper drawers and visit the second hand shops.


I love your wool quilt, How great it would be to have on a camping trip. So cozy! Enjoy the rest of June, it's been awesome weather here so far!


really cosy and beautiful!!!!
xxxx Ale


It's pouring rain and wintry in my part of the world so that gorgeous blanket looks lovely and snuggly and warm to me. Absolutely beautiful.


Love your blanket, great idea and perfect for this unseasonly cold weather here in Blighty.
Carol xx


Love the woolly blanket, such a lovely mix of colours


Ooh, what a deliciously wooly blanket! I love the colours and the bias trim is so pretty :)

krista - Poppyprint

That is a fun wooly blanket in great colours! Love it. I have a feeling it will find itself on a bed in the new boathouse/bunkhouse soon.


Oh That is sooooo lovely. Mekes me want to take out all my woolie things and felt them lol .

Jo Roberts

I just love this blanket, how simple but effective. I have finished my tea cosy see here


What a beautiful blanket! Absolutely perfect with all the colors and textures. Perfect for the lake house. :)


For vancouver this wool blanket is pretty smart. Evening in the porch or by the lake makes me want to start one of my own.

ann snell

i think its lovely


LOVE!! Will you be selling any wool quilts?

mrs robinson

Oh so lovely... would love to snuggle under such a beautiful blanket at anytime. Camping, sitting outside on a chilly summer's eve...


found your blog in Romantic Homes mag and was immediately attracted to the vivid colors. your blanket is a great idea and I love all the color in it. Around here the "white" look is very slowly going away. I am a color woman and will be watching your blog further


WOW, this blanket is simply wonderful !!! Congrats for this great work !


So lovely!!


It's beautiful!!!

Pami Style

this is so lovely!!! thanks for inspiration!


Your blanket is beautiful! Did you machine wash and dry the wool blend clothing before cutting it? I'm trying to research for one I will be making out of old wool clothing.

Gretta Brown

I have a pfaff and am embarking on a cashmere throw. I would appreciate the stitch name or number you used. Thank you

Stephanie Busler

I believe she used a #15 or #28 which are earmarked in the Owner’s Manual as stitches for Quilting. I have finally collected enough wool to make a blanket here. I’ll try this stitch for sure!


I don't have a Pfaff and am wondering what type of stitch it is.

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