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May 05, 2013



i wish i could be more like you...honestly, i collect the fabrics and then they sit. they pile up until i finally just put them intention is always good. so for now i will be happy seeing your work in progress. can't wait to see it finished. xo


hi beata!

this post reminded me that we would still love one of your blankets one day!

we have joined the family of 6 club!!! baby gus was born in februray - we are loving him up :)

hope all your crew are doing well.

sending you much love -

xo e.

Anita T.

I am hoping that your next post will include specifics about how you join the squares - seam as you would cotton squares, or serge with right sides together or ??


Houndstooth... now there's a word rarely heard over here any more, yet at one time it was the in fabric to use for skirts, trousers and jackets, all tailored of course. I really wouldn't have any idea where you could buy such fabric, unless any of the Scottish woollen mills have them online? Perhaps might be worth a look? (Edinburgh Woollen Mills) The blanket looks beautiful, a true patchwork and so warm it will be, when the weather turns cool again. But let's not think of that, having just got used to warm days and blue skies and sunshine!
Good luck with your search.


Doing a search for something else, I discovered that Osborne and Little do houndstooth fabric, maybe sample swatches (if they do them) would give you the odd square?

erica K

You have some great pieces there. I'll have to check out our local Value Village. I've never been in there...


oh my they are just lovely!!! ever since you made your woolen blanket that was pictured on a twin sized bed, i've been collecting wool to make one of my own. i bought some felted wool on ebay, i used some of my grown children's sweaters that they laundered on accident :) and i found a couple at garage sales. how big will this one be? my wool squares would make a nice throw for the sofa, but not big enough for a bed - we live in california though and there is no time of the year when a wool blanket would be desired.


oh i so have to get sewing again x


I love your wooly post! I also have a little stash of thrifted wool sweaters and I agree it is hard to find the "pretty" colors. I love all your pictures, the color palette is so YOU.


Hi! I nominated you for the versatile Blogger Award:

sewa mobil

Very nice, thanks for sharing.


I too collect wool blankets and your post is timely as it's heading into winter down my way. I'm thinking of covering an ottoman or a cushion with mine. mel x


How do you connect the squares so they lay flat?


How do you connect the squares? Are you using a serger/overlocker? I always want to do this but hate having one side with lumpy seams!

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