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April 11, 2013



well put! i love them all btw...and i must also say that we have no green here yet! we're currently under a winter storm watch. school busses in many parts of ontario were cancelled today! april!


They are all so beautiful!! And, I have many "samples" of things I make, too! Have a lovely week! xo Heather


What a lot! Such colour must cheer you up on a grey day. I used to find when I had a monthly cycle that I had no patience for faffing around, nothing ever pleased me or looked right, either with what I was wearing, baking, cooking, etc. I learnt never to try anything new at such times!

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

can wait to find a few in your shop...happy spring❤

erica K

Such beautiful stacks! I would love to see some examples of the 'what was I thinking' category. :) I'm very glad for spring, even though it's grey today...

Taciana Simmons

Beautiful !
I live color also and as you said nature is my biggest inspiration. I think God paints a perfect picture for us every day all around us ... :)

Angela-Southern USA

Such lovely ladies in waiting! And I totally agree about mistakes helping you grow in your art etc. Also the combining of colors, I think it's like most things, practice, practice, practice! I believe you have it down pat!! :)

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