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January 31, 2013



You create such lovely work, it's not horn-tooting at all, I am pleased you have mentioned it otherwise I may not have otherwise known about the e-book. Well done on the sorting and arrangement of your fabrics, it's quite an impressive stash.


You're getting there!! I am the exact same way...pondering, remembering....loving... I love my stuff. There is a whole lot of sorting that needs to be done around here too. But then I keep finding treasures...and thanks to people like you, I can't seem to leave a vintage linen in any second hand shop. They just have to come home with me....and I do not need them. ...but I like them.
I vote to keep the bottle caps. There's something neat about them. I suppose a compromise would be to take a nice photo of it and then frame it for your new space?
I just bought a vintage "studio sofa" I needed it. See? xo


Congrats on your flower pattern!! It is so pretty!! I would keep the bottle caps! So fun!! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather


Wow, here you have alot of nice things, have a wonderful weekend!


I suppose it depends where in the renovation that beer cap pillar is... in the daughter's room for example, shouldn't she have final say?
Love the sight of all your fabric, love the crochet work too. And living in an old house and having done renovations, I know just how daunting a prospect it can be. Good luck!


I say, under all circumstances get rid of those ugly beer bottle caps.

Now, that stack of fabrics is a beauty to behold.

: )


How about a compromise with the beer caps? Could you somehow cover them with a panel so that they stay intact? That way they are kept but not on show. If you made the cover detachable you could display them on occasion if you wanted!


Gosh that looks like quite a job!! I'm not sure about the beer cap column ... although I do kind of like keeping that sort of thing for posterity - if it's in your daugther's room maybe she should have the last say ... or maybe you could make a shell to cover it so you can change your mind at a later date ... btw I love how your work space is looking - I have a bad case of fabric envy!


Personally I don't like the beer caps, but as others have said, if it is to be in your daughter's room I'd give her the final say.


Congrats on the flower pattern! Lovely....I also love your fabrics and love how they are stacked beautifully in your shelves...You've come a long way on the basement..xoxo, May


Love your blog! Please check me out at
I've just started out with it and would love some input ;)
Your work station looks amazing... Sooo jealous!


I absolutely LOVE the left behind beer caps. Someone obviously put some time and effort into collecting all those and attaching them. I like the idea of disguising them so you don't have to dismantle it. Can't wait to get a better look at those shelves!!!


I've just stumbled across Rose Hip and am totally ghrilled! It's like Christmas in February to look through all these gorgeous photos - inspiration overload! Many thanks from a fellow vancouverite


Keep the bottle caps!!! To me, it's kinda like finding old newspapers stuffed in the wall during renos. I seriously love this blog. Thanks so much for the ebook, I'm going to add it to my list of cool stuff to try out :). Happy crocheting!

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