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December 27, 2012


Michle Machala

If I am the lucky winner, I would choose number 2 pillowcase. You do just lovely work.


Teah B.

I would want the one with aqua trim to insure I have sweet dreams. Thank you for the glove away and your ongoing inspiration . One of my goals for the new year is to learn to crochet borders so I can do this myself. I have been ogling over yours for so long it's high time I learn to do this. May you have a blessed New Year!

Patti Reed

I love the 2nd one from the bottom. I actually love them all ... it's very hard to pick just one. They're all so beautiful!


OMG. I love all of them and all you do! If I could choose I prefer the blue with pink roses.
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.
And the best for you and your loved ones in the new year.

Tracey man ton

The stripe one would cheer us up my daughter has just had pins fitted into a broken arm on the 23rd 2 days into our ski xmas hols ,she has been so sad watching all her friends off snow boarding so we have been passing the time reading our favourite blogs. Love tracey


I would love the aqua case with the roses but truly they are ALL lovely and I'd be happy as a clam to own ANY of them.

Thanks for this very generous giveaway!!

Carolyn S

They are just beautiful! The one I love is the one with large pink flowers on a white background.

Lindy in Brisbane

Wow, this is so generous of you. And what a hard choice, I love so many of them. But my absolute favourite, the one that would make me really happy, is the one with the white background and pink and aqua flowers and pink trim. Thanks for the opportunity to win, and for sharing your gorgeous blog with us throughout the year.


They are all so pretty but I love the one with the aqua background and pink flowers!


I love the one that is red with the small flowers. do admire your pillowcases.

Sandi Leonard

second from the bottom. Aqua with roses. My favorite colors.


I love them all...and would be pleased to win any! Happy New Year!


Love them all---hard to choose a fav hoever the red one it is. Fingers crossed :)

Hedgerow Rose

Ahh! So excited about this giveaway because I just love, love your work! Hmmm, if I happened to win I think my favorite is the bright turquoise blue with pink roses, but gee they're all great. :)

Angela Williams

I love all of them but the red one would make me the happiest:)


They're all gorgeous, but I'd have to say the stripey one is my favourite!

Cheers to you and yours B!



They are all beautiful! The second one makes me very happy!!!!! Could you tell me what the fabric names are? Soo pretty! I love the crochet edges! Thanks so much!!


Oh my! How to choose! But I am drawn straight away to the white with pink roses (#2) or the blue/aqua with pink (red?) roses(3rd from the bottom). Thank you!


Lavender Dreams

I love the aqua with the pink roses but really any of them would be wonderful! I love them all! Thanks for the fun! Sweet hugs!


your pillowcases are always soooo lovely :) and my favorite is the turquoise one with the medium sized roses and aqua-looking trim!

Giggles in the Sun

I do love the stripey blue/red/pink one. I have actually ordered a book about crochet borders, because I love yours so much :-)


They are all so very pretty! I agree with others, it would be hard to choose. I think it would be nice to give one to the girl with the broken arm (Tracy's daughter). Sounds like she could use a bit of cheer. [disclaimer: not a friend or relative).

Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your lovely pillow cases!


I would be the happiest to receive the 2nd from the top. The pop of colors and the way the trim works with the fabric is delightful! They are all lovely, though. :)

Miss Holly

So beautiful.... I adore the aqua with the roses....looks like that is a favorite!!!!!

Shannon Armstrong

Oh, my, sweetness. I LOVE the red one with the pink flowers. Then its the green one. I just love the vintage-iness of these cases. As a crocheter, I am in love with the trim.
Thank you for your kindness in offering these :)

Belinda Sands

ooooo..... I am a stripey gal :) Would love to see the stripey one in my sewing/knitting/crocheting come office. I have the most comfortable couch in there that I snuggle up on when it all gets too much.

Thank you for the chance to win one of your gorgeous pillowcases.
I love them all but my very favourite is the aqua, with red stripes.


My goodness it's difficult to choose a favourite, but I would choose that gorgeous blue with red and pink roses.

Laurie Star

I just found you via Pinterest and I LOVE what you make and all your colors! I love the turquoise blue pillowcase best! Here's wishing you a very happy 2013! :)


These are all adorable! Super cute and I can't seem to pick or choose.. I'd be happy with any of these...especially the Aqua with the pink roses one :) Looking at these pictures really cheer me up!


Oh my goodness - they are ALL so beautiful! How to choose . . . I think I'd love to rest my head on the bright blue with pink roses. It's so dreamy yet so cheerful.



Oh my goodness, these are all so adorable!!! I think I like the striped one the best, thanks for such a generous giveaway.


Your pillowcases are goregous and will surely bring the lucky winners sweet dreams! My favorite is the second pillow, white background/blue flowers/pink crochet trim (which I have NO idea how to make but completely adore it!) Many thanks for sharing these. Beautiful!


Such cute pillowcases! I love the one with snowmen on the pink background.


I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. I would be thrilled with any one of them. Please enter my name!!!
XO Kris


Oh, if I was a lucky winner I would love to win the pretty emerald green one!! They are all gorgeous! Thanks for a chance to win! xo Heather

Maureen S

I love the one on top in the first photo. Bright red with flowers on one side and green stripes on the other...too cute! Fingers crossed.


Oh My God... I love the turquoise with the roses... and the stripey one too! This is too beautiful, Beata...


How sweet of you! :)
I definately love them all, but the blue one with the roses is the prettiest!
I also have a give away on my blog for a leather lip gloss holder, please join if you'd like:
Have a nice day!


What a lovely giveaway! I love the bright green floral one at the bottom of the pile in the first picture. Would look great in my sewing room!!

marina genovesi

Ma che meraviglia! Sono tutte stupende ma, se dovessi vincere, la mia preferita è la quarta dall'alto, a piccoli fiori rosa con bordo rosa più chiaro. Starebbe benissimo nella mia stanza! Io vivo in Italia, posso partecipare lo stesso?


They are all just so beautiful! If was lucky enough I would like the white one with large pink flowers.

Love Em xxx

San Hoogland

A happy and crafty 2013 for you!!! I'm always enjoying, well might admit drooling over your photos. Thank you for sharing! ♥
I really want to make a pillowcase but really have no idea where to start yet... I will get there one day, I'm sure!
Until then I will just try your generous give-away! I like them all, pick one? Seriously? Eeeehhhh... The aqua/red striped one with the mismatched bottom. That's just like me, perfect! ;)


Any one of them would make me happy - but the blue one with the roses is particularly lovely!


Oh How wonderful and thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway,!!
I would be happy with any of them but turquoise and roses would be adorable....
bestest daisy j


For some strange reason my comment with Christmas wishes at your previous post disappeared, but I hope you had a wonderfull Christmas. And I wish you all the best for 2013!! I don't know if Dutch followers can enter you giveaway, but if possible I really adore the red one with flowers and the striped back!


Merry belated Christmas! I absolutely love the red one. It would look wonderful with the red quilt that I made for my husband. Your work is inspiring!


You always amaze me with your talent and fabric selections. They are all precious but the white fabric with aqua and pink flowers - pink crochet trim - reminds me of my grandmother and a housecoat she once wore.


wow they are so beautiful I would love win any of them but if I have to choose it would be the antiquey yellowish with small flowers looks kinda paislyish


They are ALL fabulous, but I love the pillowcase with the tiny snowmen!

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