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November 02, 2012



Gorgeous! This one just got on my Christmas list...


Very inspiring! I've been a lazy blogger lately, but I will bounce back. It snowed overnight here in Muskoka and it smelled wintery out there! My oldest girl is visiting Vancouver for the first time. She's staying with family in Ladner on a floating home. She's loving her time there! Take care Beata...I always love your posts!

My Rosevalley

Actually you did have a teeny tiny mentioning about this book before the summer if I remember it right. And I purchased the book in an instant and have NOT put it down since. It is a constant source of happy inspiration for me. And the fact that it is featuring A LOT of Scandinavian Homespun makes it even more fabulous. Swedish as I am, patriotic, proud... Swedes are great at many things even though it is a small country. And your pillows are looking fantastic as usual. Have to check out Selina's post about that new book now. Thanks for sharing. And yes, WOW - posting twice in 5 days. Pat yourself on your back. You are back in blog land.And oh, sweet Beata. Thank you for your message. I will reply soon in person. We can pretend we are neighbors in cyber world at least. :D I'll pop over for tea sometime.


It's a long time since I visited your blog, so happy to drop in again. I think Selina's book is one of my favourites. I bought it when it came out in the UK and love to dip into it. Your photos have made me decide how to spend my cold, autumnal afternoon... a cup of tea, piece of cake and a snuggly throw to wrap over myself.

Janet Bocciardi

Wow! Very cool and pretty! Going to have to ck this one out. : )


It is such a great book full of pretties and inspiration! ;) xo Heather


Congratulations! I just got that book and it is beautiful and so inspiring. Your pillowcases are beautiful!


I was very lucky to have been given this book recently when I moved house by a dear friend,its a great book & I often refer to it for inspiration when I want to decorate another room.Well worth getting a copy.

found and sewn

I love your pillowcases! I have this book and it's so inspiring.

Karla Marie

Oh well done you! How exciting! You must be thrilled. I'm really happy for you. Enjoy the feeling! Karla xxx

TessaJo Vowels

I love the "chair cover"!!!!!

erica K

I too am absolutely in love with this book! I cannot imagine how wonderful it feels to have your home/creations included in a book like this!

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