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October 29, 2012



hello happy to have found you. I love the poppy red bed and all your cushions! The picture is gorgeous, very cheerful, I really must look out for a picture like this. Heather x

My Rosevalley

HELLO! It is so good to see you again. I've missed you.
Today I met an old friend for the first time in a year and it was like no time had passed by. We hugged dearly and I feel kind of the same now finding this lovely Rose hip post in my side bar. Happy days!
What an awesome change a bit of poppy red does. And you sure have a talented daughter. Lovely pillow, well done Eva!
Well, time to go night night for me over here. And I wish you a wonderful day over there. Hope to see you around again soon. Looking forward to see some of your pillow yummyness.|


Oooh, I love the poppy red bed. I have been wanting to paint our iron bed red for a while, but I just can't seem to sell the idea to my boyfriend. Anyway, what brand of paint makes that gorgeous color? Maybe if I had the paint in my hands, it would make it easier to convince that it is perfect for our bed.


Love it! I'm a big fan of red, too. It's a happy, happy color.


I love the red bed! I've never had much luck with spray paint, but you obviously have the knack. Your room looks great - do you do holiday rentals?!! X


So, so beautiful!! Love the red and all you pretty pillows!! Have a great week! xo Heather

Miss Holly

Absolutely thrilled to see you back!!! I can completely see why you fell in love with poppy red....brilliant red....there are only a few reds I like and that is at the top of my list!!
Can not wait to see your pillows...they always inspire me!!
Hope we sees lot of you!

Darlene Lehman

That vibrant red is so very pretty!! And your pillows are all very nice also.

Fleur Cotton

what a beautiful and cheerful room you have created!

Fleur xx

clare powell

oooh that red is scrummy!


So bright and lovely!Brillant as usual!


All of the stuff on your site is fantastic, do you do it all yourself? I love the painting in the bedroom.
Will definitely be coming back to have a loot at upcoming updates :)



just came across this post. What color of paint did you choose for the bed? i would love to paint my bed this same color!

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