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September 27, 2012



How VERY nice! You're right, it's a great idea to take pictures at different stages of a project. We tend to forget the befores... and it is so rewarding to see them after!


It looks beautiful! And that is just in one years time. Well done!

Anna S

I too LOVE before and after pictures. Having an ugly blank septic tank spot of my own to fill and with spring setting in in Australia - I am now all inspired! If only the rain would stop.


So, so beautiful!! Loved seeing the before and after! xo Heather

Fiona (KnitKnatKnotUK)

The mind plays tricks, you don't remember how bad it was before and so you appreciate your hard work more. No befores and afters of gardens for me, I am rubbish at gardening, just mow the lawn and hack at the weeds occasionally! Fiona


Oh you have done a wonderful job, definitely not even a whiff of helipad now! I love befores and afters too, mine are mostly of me painting my house and getting rid of all the custard coloured walls. mel x


I LOVE before and after photos! Your's is a fantastic makeover! Here is my favorite of my furniture makeovers:

Hope you like!


What a great transformation, so nice to things growing again
I have a before and after to share but its more like a comparison of how little has changed in 8 years than showing difference

Chel Craggs

I love befores and afters. A few years ago I bought a run down cottage and spent 7 years doing it up, along with creating an old fashioned cottage garden! The sense of achievement that you get from looking at photos is wonderful as you quickly forget how it used to look. Well done on just a year!

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