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August 22, 2012



The sweetest corner! Such prettiness! xo Heather

Ada Bea

Just lovely! Ada :)

Taciana Simmons

So sweet and romantic...what a great privilege to have such a nice place... Enjoy the end of your summer . :)


A very lovely corner. The table is great. Such a good idea. Fiona


What a lovely table. Just the place to sit and stare out of the window , thinking about nothing in particular.


A beautiful corner:-) love the desk you made and the little bouquets....happy to have found your lovely blog.
Fiona x


Very, very nice. I love using reclaimed wood.

Lynn Lantz

Beautiful! Can't wait to see the whole cottage!

elizabeth durkan

What a lovely spot and that cushion looks great!

Raj @Pink Chai Style

Such a creative up-cycled table! And I love the little vignette you made in the corner, can't wait to see more pics of your place:)


You are the queen of colors! please can you tell us who paint this beautiful canvas?

My Rosevalley

Fab corner. Simplicity rules. I am so envious of your sweet cottage by the lake. Wish I could come and visit to pick some of those adorable flowers with you, sit on your bargain bench with one of your signature crochet trimmed pillows under my bum... That would be nice. Looking forward to your next post whenever that happens. I am not going anywhere and will always visit in cyber space.

engelsk oversetter

What a wonderful place!


How lovely! Enjoy every moment there! x Maggie x


Who cares if the walls need to be painted. That is a little corner of loveliness!


A very clever idea it looks great!


Bravo pour vos réalisations pleine de poésie, c'est juste magnifique !... Je suis émerveillée !

MyTinyCureStories Blog

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